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Screening Requirements

Safety and confidentiality are my utmost concerns.

Following Initial Screening:

A public meet & greet (no charge, up to 30 minutes) is required before being approved for a booking.

Typically a quick cup of coffee or happy hour bite.

This allows us to get to know each other a little before committing further.


Please choose your preferred screening method below.

Enter the requested information in the "Message" field of the contact form.

Reference Screening

I require 2 current (within 6 months) references.

Please provide their Name, Website (if available) and their Preferred Contact Information. 

Personal Information Screening

If you do not have 2 current references, you may choose to provide personal information in place of them. You must provide at least 3 of the following*: 

  • Full legal name

  • Email address 

  • Phone number

  • Employer name & job title

  • 2 Social media accounts

*I may request additional information if I am unable to verify the items provided.


If you are not willing to provide either references or personal information for verification,

we will not be doing business together.   

 All inappropriate or explicit messages will be ignored.

I will keep all of your information confidential at all times and I request you provide me the same courtesy.  

Don't like forms? You can also email me your information at:

  • Twitter - Black Circle

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  • Instagram - Black Circle

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