Need someone to attend your work party, cousin's wedding, or other public function with you?  Don't want to eat dinner or attend the theater alone?  I would be thrilled to accompany you.  Having worked in hospitality industries for majority of my life, I am comfortable socializing in most any crowd with ease. You name the dress code and story line, I will deliver!

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Just me and you creating artwork together.  Please send proposals via my contact form; include locale, style, and length of time estimated.

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While I mostly identify as a submissive/rope-bottom, I have experience with role-playing, foot worship and more. I can definitely look the part of a Dominatrix but I'm not that convincing in action.  All Fetish bookings require additional safety and compensation considerations.

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Luggage - check 

Passport - check

Wanderlust - check


All Wanderlust Packages are custom tailored (to include expenses for travel and accommodation). A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required upon confirmation of the booking.  

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