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Quarantined? Staying Home to Stay Safe? Stuck on a (video muted) Zoom call for work and need a distraction?  These offerings are brought to you by the apocalypse known as Covid-19, but will likely stick around beyond the pandemic. Looking forward to connecting with you....

(click "Virtual Girlfriend" for rates)

Need someone to attend your work party, cousin's wedding, or other public function with you?  Don't want to eat dinner or attend the theater alone?  I would be thrilled to accompany you.  Having worked in hospitality industries for majority of my life, I am comfortable socializing in most any crowd with ease. You name the dress code and story line, I will deliver!

(click "Arm Candy" for rates)

Just me and you creating artwork together.  Please send proposals via my contact form; include locale, style, and length of time estimated.

(click "Private Booking" for rates)

While I mostly identify as a submissive/rope-bottom, I have experience with role-playing, foot worship and more. I can definitely look the part of a Dominatrix but I'm not that convincing in action.  All Fetish bookings require additional safety and compensation considerations.

(click "Fetish" above for more info and rates)


Luggage - check 

Passport - check

Wanderlust - check


All Wanderlust Packages are custom tailored (to include expenses for travel and accommodation). A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required upon confirmation of the booking.  

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