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Virtual Girlfriend

Please Note~

Photos are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced, shared with additional parties, nor sold.

Text conversations are for entertainment only. They are not an indication, promise, guarantee, nor implication of services that have been, or may be offered in the future, in any capacity.

Rates are not up for negotiation and must be remitted in full in the agreed upon  manner prior to commencement of services.


Time is a very valuable commodity.  I understand that sometimes life happens and you may need to cancel an appointment.  If you need to cancel, I request at least 24 hours notice.  If you do not provide at least 24 hours notice, your payment will not refunded.

Text Dates

Text dates must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. My time and attention is yours during the date and number of texts are unlimited. Photos are taken for you but not custom requests. Content will be casual and flirty, to mildly sexual.

Daily Texts

Daily texting includes an average of 10 texts and 3 photos daily between 10 AM - 9 PM.  Content will be casual and flirty, to mildly sexual.


Content will be casual and flirty, to mildly sexual.

Fetish Photos

You may request foot photos, BDSM photos, or a mixture of both. Customization beyond these parameters will result in additional charges. 

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